How do I register for the Township's Notification System?

Roxbury is part of the Morris County Smart911 system.  In our town, it is known as AlertRoxbury.

With AlertRoxbury, you can receive emergency alerts by email, text, phone, or whatever method of communication you prefer.

You can register using the link below.

Notification System Link

Who picks up my trash and recycling and how do I contact them?

Trash and Recycling pickup in Roxbury Township is provided by Blue Diamond Disposal. All inquiries regarding curbside or hopper service should be directed to Blue Diamond at (973) 598-9800. For additional Trash and Recycling Information please visit the attached link

Information Page

How do I obtain a copy of an Accident Report?

If you are involved in an accident, a copy of your accident report can be obtained from the Police Records Office. Please contact them at 973-448-2100 for more details.

I am selling/renting my home. What inspections are required?

A list of important details regarding the sale or rental of your property can be found by clicking on

this link

Does my project require a Zoning Permit?

A Zoning Permit is required for all construction (including but not limited to new homes, new commercial buildings, building additions, signs, fences, retaining walls, decorative walls, swimming pools, decks, docks, piers, boathouses, hot tubs, sheds, new driveways and new patios); change of use; change of ownership, finished basements and change of tenant. Please click for the

Permit Application