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The Roxbury Township Clean Communities program, in collaboration with the  New Jersey Clean Communities program, is a comprehensive litter abatement program that serves both residents and visitors. The program's mission is to reduce litter in public places, encourage volunteer cleanup of public lands, and maintain litter reduction through education and enforcement.

We are encouraging our residents to take pride in their community without incurring any out-of-pocket costs. All you need is a few hours to go for a walk with your family or meet up with friends.  

We are looking for individuals, school groups, churches, or businesses willing to volunteer their time to help keep Roxbury beautiful.


Adopt-A-Spot volunteers contribute to the Township of Roxbury's cleanliness & beauty by pledging to clean and maintain an adopted spot at least twice a year.  All supplies will be provided by Clean Communities. 

Once the clean-up is finished, the Township will collect the bagged litter.

Adopters will be recognized for their efforts throughout the year through social and news media.  In addition, a sign recognizing volunteers will be placed at the adopted location.

Mini-Grant Fundraising Opportunities - Non-profit organizations that participate in a clean-up or adopt a spot may be eligible for mini-grant funding.  Grants are distributed on a first come, first serve basis.  

For more information contact  Kellie Ann Keyes at 973-448-2053 or

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Our 2021 Paper Shredding events were a huge success!

We shredded 1.18 tons of paper in May
1.93 tons of paper in September.
 Free for Roxbury residents.- confidential files only.  No magazines or junk mail (these types of material are collected curbside or at the Recycling Center).

Help protect yourself from identify theft!  Bring documents that contain your personally identifiable information such as old bank statements, tax return bills, receipts, credit cards applications and outdated medical records to be shredded on site.

Due to limited capacity, this service will be available on a first come, first serve basis.  Please make sure records are free of trash & random objects.

Storm Water Pollution-


Water from rain and melting snow that fows over lawns, parking lots and streets is known as storm water runoff. This water, which travels along gutters, into catch basins and through storm drain pipes and ditches, usually is not treated, but then flows or is discharged into local waterbodies. Along the way, the storm water picks up trash (fast-food wrappers, cigarette butts, styrofoam cups, etc.) and toxins and other pollutants (gas, motor oil, antifreeze, fertilizers, pesticides and pet droppings). This polluted storm water can kill fish and other wildlife, destroy wildlife habitat, contaminate drinking water sources and force the closing of beaches because of health threats to swimmers.

Human activity is largely responsible for the storm water pollution. Everything that we put on the ground or into the storm drain can end up in our water. Each of us has a responsibility to make sure these contaminants stay out of our water. Whether we have clean water is up to you.

For more information please go to

 Freddy the Fish  teaches us about storm drains video!freddy the fish

Fun facts and recycling news!save paper and trees image

Did you know that recycling a stack of newspaper just 3 feet high saves one tree!  

When in doubt, throw it out! - I know many of us wish everything was recyclable, but many things are not. So even though a pinata is made of paper, it's not recyclable.  

Storm Water video-click here for a quick fun video!  Follow the duck!! 

plastic bags

This is why plastic bags do not belong in your recycle bin.

Recycle plastic bags that right way! Click here for article on plastic bag recycling