Horseshoe Lake Turf Field

The long awaited HSL phase 1 project is now underway. This $1.5 M project is being funded through the Township’s recreation trust fund and will not impact general taxation in Roxbury. This project is part of the recreation master plan led by the Township’s recreation advisory committee. This project includes new fencing, irrigation, field upgrades, removal of old backstops, grading, fencing, lighting, scoreboards and a new turf field. This effort commenced on May 1. It is anticipated that the project will take just over 4 months to complete.

In April, the Township approved the required ordinances for this project and then Township staff and Township attorney completed the applicable contracts and compliance requirements with our contractors (Rochelle contracting, Musco and Field Turf). A preconstruction meeting with the contractor also took place in April. A big thank you to all of our volunteers, Township staff, and contractors who have been instrumental in advancing this project.

During the project there will be a significant area of the Horseshoe Lake facility that will be fenced-off for construction purposes including parking in front of the HSL fields 1 and 2. Access to the parking lot and the fenced areas will be prohibited during construction for safety reasons. Please be aware that there will also be times when the Township will need to restrict traffic into the HSL facility when materials are brought in or taken away; we ask your patience when this occurs. There may also be times when parking will be restricted in other areas of the facility. The Park will remain open during the construction process.

In early May, significant fencing for the restricted areas has been completed, old fencing removed, older light polls have been removed and excavation of the fields has commenced. The Township will continue to provide regular updates regarding the status of this exciting project for our community. We greatly appreciate your patience during the construction phase of this project. If you have any questions please direct all inquiries relating to this project to John Shepherd, Township Manager.

Over the coming weeks we will be tracking the construction process through a series of photos.  Please keep checking back to see how the project is going.

August 20, 2019 Project Update

August 2, 2019 Project Update

June 18, 2019 Project Update

Horseshoe Lake Turf Field Project Photo Album