Sidewalk and Grant Application

Sidewalk and Grant Application Process

Roxbury Township has a sidewalk replacement grant program.  The purpose of the grant is to reimburse residents for the repair of sidewalks displaced by shade trees who need to expedite the work ahead of the Township’s ongoing replacement program. The amount of the reimbursement is based on the Township’s annual contracted rate for sidewalk removal and replacement.

The Engineering Department issues and approves the Right-of-Way Excavation permit view permit which is required prior to the work being done.  For sidewalks displaced by street trees, the fee is waived.  The complete application and plan depicting the work can be emailed to, where it will be reviewed and approved. Once the permit is issued you may proceed to schedule the work with a contractor.

The Public Works Department reviews and approves the grant application view application.  Send the grant application to . The reimbursement will be paid after the work has been completed, a copy of the invoice has been provided and the quantities for reimbursement are confirmed.

24 hours before the work commences please notify the Engineering Department at 973-448-2018 as well as the Department of Public Works at 973-448-2069 with the scheduled work start date.

Public Works will meet with the contractor to review the area in order to determine if the street tree can be saved by either shifting the sidewalk or by minimizing the roots that need to be cut.  If the tree cannot remain in place it will be removed at a later date at the Township’s expense.

Engineering will perform two inspections of the sidewalk; once the area is formed and after the new concrete is in place.

Please note that reimbursement could take a couple of months. You will receive a purchase order through the mail. Please sign the purchase order then return it to the Finance Department at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, NJ 07852. Once the signed purchase order is returned and approved you will receive your reimbursement through the mail.

Should you have any questions about the permit process please contact the Engineering Department at 973-448-2018.  If you have questions about the grant program contact Public Works at 973-448-2069.