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May 8, 2007


A Regular Meeting was held by the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury on May 8, 2007 at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey at 6:30 p.m.



Notice is hereby given that the Regular Meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury scheduled for Tuesday, May 8, 2007 at 7:30 PM has been changed to 6:30 PM. This is to allow the Township Council to discuss the 2007 defeated School Budget. 


Adequate notice of this meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury was given as required by the Open Public Meetings Act as follows:  Notice was faxed to the Daily Record, the Newark Star Ledger and the Roxbury Register on May 1, 2007; notice was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Municipal Building on May 1, 2007.


ROLL CALL:  Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo, Councilmen Fred Hall, Jim Rilee, Rich Zoschak, Martin Schmidt, Tim Smith and Mayor John Ciaramella


ALSO PRESENT:  Christopher Raths, Township Manager, Anthony Bucco, Township Attorney, Lisa Palmieri, Chief Financial Officer, Thomas Ferry, C.P.A. and Janet Rieth, Deputy Clerk and Mary Jane Parr, Administrative Aide, Clerk’s Office


07-156  A Resolution Introducing the 2007 Budget

This item will be discussed later in the meeting. 


At this time Council discussed the defeated Board of Education Budget with Thomas Ferry of Ferraioli, Wielkotz, Cerullo & Cuva. Mr. Ferry presented an analysis of the budget and stated that with $150,000 from the extraordinary aid received from the State and $50,000 from the Enterprise fund (cafeteria) surplus, he feels that the budget can be reduced by $200,000 without touching any programs or curriculum.


Discussion ensued pertaining to the potential shared services with the Board of Education regarding the use of the Nutrition Center building in Berkshire Valley for special education and the hiring of someone to oversee this project.  Council requested that Mr. Ferry prepare a written report showing the mechanisms the Board of Education could use to make this occur.  Mr. Ferry will obtain figures from Mr. Mack, Superintendent of Schools,  and advise Mr. Bucco so that a resolution can be prepared for Monday night.


Council will meet with the Board of Education on Monday, May 14th at 8:00 PM at the Senior Center.


Mayor Ciaramella amended the Agenda to the Public Portion for  any discussion regarding the Board of Education budget.


There were no public comments.


Mayor Ciaramella closed the Public Portion pertaining to the Board of Education Budget.


Mayor Ciaramella amended the Agenda to the Public Portion.



Bob Jacobsen, 63 Carey Rd., Succasunna, discussed his drainage problem with Council.  Mr. Raths will speak with Mr. Kobylarz and Mr. Blood on this matter. 


Ed Kirchgessner, 27Honeyman Dr., Succasunna asked when the flags will be installed on the poles.  Mr. Raths stated that they are put up before Memorial Day and stay up through Veterans Day.


George Vessel, 504 Dell Road, Landing, spoke with Council regarding the sign on his Father’s property which was knocked down.  Mr. Bucco updated Council on this issue.  He advised that, according to Municipal Land Use Law, if a structure is partially destroyed, it may be re-erected in the same shape and fashion as it existed prior to it being partially destroyed.  If it is totally destroyed, then the law states that it must be brought into conformity with the ordinances.  The Township has an ordinance that suggests that if a structure is damaged and the value to replace it exceeds 50%, then it is determined to be completely destroyed and cannot be repaired or re-erected.  The Courts have found that these ordinances are invalid and cannot be enforced.  A municipality cannot expand or restrict what is allowed under the Municipal Land Use Law by using the percentage method.  In this situation, it must be determined whether the sign was partially or completely destroyed and whether or not the sign that was placed back up is the same size or greater size than the one that was destroyed.  Mr. Bucco will review the matter and report back to Council.


At 8:00 PM Council took a short break.

At 8:10 PM Council returned to the Regular Meeting.


Mayor Ciaramella amended the Agenda to Adoption of Township Budget


07-156     A Resolution For Adoption  of  the 2007 Municipal Budget


Mr. Rilee made a motion to adopt Resolution 07-156.  Mr. Schmidt seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Rilee – yes Mr. Schmidt – yes

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes   Mr. Hall – yes

Mr. Smith – yes            Mr. Zoschak – yes

Mayor Ciaramella – yes


Motion carried 7 - 0



     New Business:

Presentation by Richard Cramond


Mr. Cramond presented certificates to the following people in the Township who have homes built before 1920 and have preserved and maintained the architectural exterior character:


Reidar & Mona Frustol, 47 Main Street

84 Main St. Rental, LLC,

Edward Kimball & Deborah Harrison, 16 Eyland Avenue

Gerald Riccardello, 16A Eyland Avenue

Ruth Pracht & Lois Bredesen, 313 Center Street



Mr. Schmidt advised that the next Neighbors helping Neighbors program will be held Saturday at 12:00 PM.


Mr. Schmidt advised that the Grand Opening of the Dog Park will be held in a couple of weeks. He will advise Council of the date.


Mrs. DeFillippo stated that the gate at the old Ledgewood Circle  has been repaired.  Mr. Raths thanked Senator Bucco’s office for getting this done.


Mrs. DeFillippo reminded everyone of the Neighborhood Meeting, Tuesday, May 15th, at the Berkshire Valley Firehouse at 7:00 PM.


Mrs. DeFillippo stated that the Freeholders are presenting medals to Veterans tomorrow and she will be attending. 


Mrs. DeFillippo stated that the railroad ties are still lying by the tracks. Mayor Ciaramella asked if Morris County owns the railroad line.  Mr. Raths stated the County owns it and leases it to Morristown and Erie. Mr. Raths will schedule a meeting with Walter Kritch, of the Morris County Department of Planning.


Mrs. DeFillippo stated that there has been no progress in coordinating a meeting with Mt. Olive to discuss the Route 206 corridor.  Mr. Raths will send a letter addressing the issue.


Mr. Rilee stated the Township is now scheduled to meet with the Morris County MUA regarding the bike path on June 12th.   He and Mr. Hall will attend.  


Mr. Zoschak requested an update regarding Mr. Mantone’s complaints pertaining to a bus stop in Landing.  Mr. Raths stated that the Police cars have been at the bus stop.


Regarding the Lake Hopatcong Commission, Mr. Zoschak advised that a check will be sent from the DEP.


Mr. Hall requested input on his letter to the DOT regarding the Route 10/Hillside Avenue traffic light.  Council felt it was a good letter and it will be sent out tomorrow.


Mr. Hall requested an update on the Cablevision contract renewal.  Mr. Raths advised that the  Cable Committee needs to go over the report, send it back to Council and a public hearing on the ascertainment report will be scheduled.


Mr. Hall advised that he attended the Board of Education meeting last night.  The Board needs to  prepare a technology plan on a three year basis and he feels that there may be a possibility of shared services. 


Mr. Hall attended a PARIS grant meeting last week. The County has received a grant from the SMART group to consolidate records management.   Mr. Hall passed out information about the program. 


Mr. Smith advised that the Economic Development Committee held a “Taste of Roxbury” at the Marriott Courtyard.  Kuiken Brothers received the McFlower Award. 


Regarding the Open Space Committee, Mr. Smith advised that they are talking with the Canal Society regarding a potential project. 


Mayor Ciaramella advised that the Main Street Streetscape Committee will meet tomorrow at 7:30 PM.


Mayor Ciaramella stated that the DPW committee will meet next week.  A reminder will be sent out.


Mr. Raths stated he has hired a new Administrative Assistant , Valarie Wyble, who started on Monday.


Regarding the Economic Development Committee meeting, Mr. Raths stated that the last meeting pertained to the permitting process and only the Committee attended.


Old Business:

Procurement Policy – Mr. Bucco’s office is working on this.



Ed Kirchgessner, Honeyman Drive, Succasunna stated that he had two signs made indicating the entrance to Memory Lane and they are now gone.  Mr. Raths will look into this.




A.        Proclamation – Buddy Poppies

Mayor Ciaramella read the above proclamation regarding the VFW Buddy Poppies

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