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April 3, 2007


A Regular Meeting was held by the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury on April 3, 2007 at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey at 7:30 PM.



Notice is hereby given that the Regular Meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury previously scheduled for Tuesday, April 10, 2007 will be held on Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at 7:30 PM, at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey. 


Adequate notice of this meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury was given as required by the Open Public Meetings Act as follows:  Notice was faxed to the Daily Record, the Newark Star Ledger and the Roxbury Register on March 8, 2007; notice was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Municipal Building on March 8, 2007.


ROLL CALL (Present):  Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo, Councilmen Fred Hall, Jim Rilee, Martin Schmidt, Tim Smith, Richard Zoschak and Mayor John Ciaramella


Also Present:  Christopher Raths, Township Manager; Anthony Bucco, Township Attorney and BettyLou DeCroce, Township Clerk






Tim Smith gave a presentation on the Roxbury Arts Vision Statement & Plan.


It is the mission of Roxbury Township to provide the highest possible quality of life for its residents consistent with competitive levels of taxation.


“Quality of Life” means more than just safety and security.  It also means enjoyment of leisure time through township facilities and programs.


Roxbury enjoys a safe and secure environment.  It is also a leader among regional towns for its recreational facilities and programs.  Furthermore, Roxbury’s school system consistently produces state-level quality Arts performances, particularly its marching band, choirs and theatricals.


However, performing Arts opportunities within the schools do not fully meet the needs of individual student artists and small groups.  In addition, Arts availability to the general public other than school performances is very limited.  Roxbury’s population suffers from a lack of quality performing Arts programming.  Finally, Visual Arts displays and programs are also fairly limited in the Township.


These issues are not limited to Roxbury alone.  The western Morris County region suffers from a fragmented Arts environment, with little planning, cooperation or coordination among Arts entities.   The ideas presented in this Plan would benefit the region at large as well as Roxbury residents.


The purpose of this Arts Plan is to review these needs and opportunities, and suggest potential programming and actins to meet them.


The entire “Roxbury Township Arts Vision Statement and Plan” and “Roxbury Arts Business Plan” is on file in the Clerk’s office for review by the public.


Council members had general comments:


Councilman Jim Rilee had concerns for raising funds and having space in a good location.


Councilman Martin Schmidt stated that as long as the funding is provided for through private contributions he has no problem with it.


Councilman Richard Zoschak stated that the concept is great but the cost concerns him.


Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo also had the same sentiment with raising the funding for the art center.


Councilman Hall stated that he felt the proposed location in the rear of 73 Eyland Avenue would be an appropriate site location.


Mayor Ciaramella stated that the Steering Committee did a great job and he looks forward to working with ROXPAC and felt that with the funding in place it would be an asset to the Township of Roxbury.


At this time Mayor Ciaramella read the Proclamation – National Public Health Week.


Mayor Ciaramella asked for a motion on the following Resolution.


07-126                         A Resolution authorizing the self-exam on the 2007 Budget


Mr. Rilee made a motion to adopt Resolution 07-126.  Mr. Schmidt seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Rilee  - yes            Mr. Schmidt – yes

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes   Mr. Hall – yes

Mr. Smith – yes            Mr. Zoschak –yes

Mayor Ciaramella – yes


Motion carried 7 - 0


05-07               Calendar Year 2007 Ordinance to Exceed the Municipal Budget Appropriation Limits and to Establish a Cap Bank (N.J.S.A. 40A:4-45.14)


Mr. Rilee made a motion to introduce Ordinance 05-07.  Mr. Schmidt seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Rilee – yes Mr. Schmidt – yes

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes   Mr. Hall – yes

Mr. Smith – yes            Mr. Zoschak – yes

Mayor Ciaramella – yes


Motion carried 7 – 0


07-127             A Resolution to introduce 2007 Municipal Budget


Mr. Schmidt made a motion to adopt Resolution 07-127.  Mrs. DeFillippo seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Schmidt – yes        Mrs. DeFillippo – yes

Mr. Hall – yes              Mr. Rilee – yes

Mr. Smith – yes            Mr. Zoschak – yes

Mayor Ciaramella – yes

Motion carried 7 - 0









Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo questioned Mr. Raths when the ordinance pertaining to the Garden State Preservation Trust (Green Acres) will be completed.  Mr. Raths stated that he will advise her tomorrow.


Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo made a motion to appoint John Wetzel to the Lake Musconetcong Regional Planning Board for the term of April 3, 2007 to December 31, 2010.  Mr. Rilee seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes   Mr. Rilee – yes

Mr. Hall – yes              Mr. Schmidt – yes

Mr. Smith –yes Mr. Zoschak – yes

Mayor Ciaramella – yes


Motion carried 7 – 0


Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo stated that there would be a Girl Scout tour on May 5th  and she will be attending it.


Ms. DeFillippo further stated that the MS Walk would be held on Saturday, April 22, 2007 at Horseshoe Lake.


Councilman Martin Schmidt advised Mr. Raths that he has had complaints of speeding on Nyma Way.  Mr. Raths will speak to Chief Noll with regard to this.


Mr. Schmidt further stated that he is seeing PODS being used for storage around town and the township should take a position on whether this is something that should be controlled.  Mr. Raths and Mr. Bucco will look into the legal aspects of control.


Mr. Schmidt also questioned Mr. Raths on the pressure washing of Reger Road.  Mr. Raths will get back to Mr. Schmidt tomorrow.


Councilman Jim Rilee stated that he would like to see the Library Board  give a presentation of capital projects as every other department does in the township.


Councilman Richard Zoschak discussed the process of the CDBG block grants.  Mr. Zoschak pointed out that when an application is heard pertaining to Roxbury Township or any other town the representative from that town has to step down.


Councilman Zoschak stated that he spoke to Mr. Raths prior to the meeting about a leaf problem on Riggs Road.  Mr. Raths stated that the matter is being followed up on.


Councilman Zoschak requested an update on the school bus, which was passed by a motorist while picking up children.  Mr. Raths stated Stg. Palanchi has contacted the resident.


Councilman Fred Hall stated that there was just an incident in which he personally witnessed the excellent and quick response of our EMS and Police Department.  He thanked them for all their efforts.


Councilman Hall stated that the new fencing at Horseshoe Lake looks great.   Mr. Hall questioned when the paving/striping would be done on E. Mapledale.


Councilman Hall also brought up for discussion the MCMUA and the township bike path at Horseshoe Lake.  Mr. Rilee stated that the Township has had discussions with the Freeholders and the MUA hoping to resolve the issue.


Further Councilman Hall has concern for the continued traffic pattern problems at Rt. #10 and Hillside Avenue.  Mr. Raths has discussed this with the county and the state DOT.  This intersection needs to be addressed as soon as possible.  Mr. Raths will setup meetings to help move along discussions.


Mr. Hall stated that there would be continued meetings between the Board of Education and the township Shared Services Representatives.  Such issues currently being discussed are the use of the Nutrition Center site in Berkshire Valley to be utilized by the school.  Council encouraged these discussions and felt that it would be advantageous to the township to try and keep special needs students within Roxbury Township.


Mr. Hall also discussed the Computer Committee and felt that a survey for the public on the website would be beneficial.


Councilman Tim Smith stated that there would be a Highlands Meeting this week and Mr. Raths advised that Mr. Stern, Township Planner would be present.  Mr. Rilee did state that it is important that we not just take a position on certain properties that we follow a full plan.









04-07               An Ordinance to Amend and Supplement Chapter II, Administrative Code, Section 2-17, Officers and Employees generally, of the revised General Ordinances of the Township of Roxbury, County of Morris, State of New Jersey.


Mr. Schmidt made a motion to introduce Ordinance 04-07, with a revision to Section 4, Part time employees and an additional line, part time snow plows.  Mr. Zoschak seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Schmidt – yes        Mr. Zoschak – yes

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes   Mr. Hall –yes

Mr. Rilee – no              Mr. Smith – yes

Mayor Ciaramella – no


Motion carried 5 – 2






07-128             Resolution incorporating by reference herein and approving the following numbered resolutions listed on the workshop council meeting agenda for this date: 07-129, 07-130, 07-131, 07-132, 07-133, 07-134, 07-136


Mr. Rilee made a motion to adopt Resolution 07-128.  Mr. Zoschak seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Rilee – yes Mr. Zoschak –yes

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes   Mr. Hall – yes

Mr. Schmidt – yes        Mr. Smith –yes

Mayor Ciaramella – yes


Motion carried 7 – 0


07-129             A Resolution authorizing an application for the Langdon Palmer Memorial Internship Program Grant.


07-130             A Resolution approving the Annual report of the Health Department of the Township of Roxbury for the Calendar Year 2006.


07-131             A resolution authorizing the Township to Apply to the Department of Environmental Protection for the 2006 Recycling Tonnage Grant.


07-132             A resolution authorizing the acceptance of an amended drainage easement and agreement from Mark and Dana Tucci across lots 12.1 and 12.02, Block 2611, more commonly known as Second Street, Township of Roxbury.


07- 133            A Resolution authorizing the refund of taxes


07-134             A Resolution authorizing the abatement of Sewer Utility charges and refunding the prior payments made.


07-136             A Resolution Rejecting all Bids and Granting Authorization to Re-Advertise for Bids for a Roadside Flail Mower





March 30, 2007




No Public Input



07-135             A resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury, in the County of Morris, New Jersey, authorizing conference of the Township Council with the public excluded.


There was no Executive Session.



At 9:30 PM Mr. Rilee made a motion to adjourn the Regular Meeting.  Mr. Schmidt seconded the motion.


All In Favor – yes


Submitted By:







BettyLou DeCroce

Township Clerk



DATE:                        January 22, 2008

ROLL CALL:            Mr. Rilee – yes Mr. Hall – yes

                                    Mr. Behrens – abstain   Mrs. DeFillippo – yes

                                    Mr. Schmidt – yes        Mayor Smith - yes