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                                              August 14, 2007


A Regular Meeting was held by the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury on August 14, 2007 at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey at 7:30 p.m.



Adequate notice of this meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury was given as required by the Open Public Meetings act as follows:  Notice was faxed to the Daily Record, the Newark Star Ledger and the Roxbury Register on January 5, 2007; notice was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Municipal Building on January 5, 2007.


ROLL CALL:  Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo, Councilman Fred Hall, Jim Rilee, Martin Schmidt, Tim Smith and Mayor John Ciaramella


Also Present:  Christopher Raths, Township Manager; Anthony Bucco, Township Attorney and Janet Rieth, Deputy Township Clerk


ABSENT:  Councilman Richard Zoschak was on vacation


Approval of Minutes

 February 20, 2007 Workshop

 June 26, 2007 Workshop


Mr. Schmidt made a motion to approve the above Minutes.  Mrs. DeFillippo seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Schmidt – yes       Mrs. DeFillippo – yes

Mr. Hall – yes              Mr. Rilee – yes (abstain February 20, 2007)

Mr. Smith – yes (abstain June 26, 2007)

Mayor Ciaramella – yes (abstain June 26, 2007)


Motion carried 6 – 0 with one abstention on February 20, 2007 and two abstentions on June 26, 2007



Dennis Wine, 4 Holly Drive, Succasunna, stated that the Township is looking very nice.

He stated that he read an article in the paper pertaining to the State giving away $17.8 million in special aid and no towns in Morris County received any money.  He questioned if it was because the County has done a good job with their finances and does not have to rely on State money.  He feels that it is a good show for Morris County in general and the Township in particular. 


Charles Alpaugh, Eyland Avenue, Succasunna, stated that trees on the right of way should be trimmed higher so that people can walk under them.  Mr. Raths will check into this.  Mr. Alpaugh discussed the stream behind his house, which is washing away part of his property.   Mr. Raths stated that there have also been wash outs in other areas due to the significant rain we have had lately.  Mr. Raths will have Mr. Blood contact Mr. Alpaugh. 


Regarding the maintenance of Township trees, Mr. Raths advised that the inventory of street trees has been completed and a maintenance plan is being put together.


Robert Kluska, Emmans Road, discussed Ordinance 18-07, which is on the Agenda for introduction and stated that he does not agree that a permit should be necessary every time a resident requests a POD at their property.   Council discussed the possibility of changing the Ordinance to allow a POD to remain on a property for a certain period of time without a permit.  The majority of Council agreed for the Ordinance to remain as written.


Anthony Petridis, 84 Orben Drive, Landing, stated that the State DOT will be performing a rock mitigation process beginning next Spring on Route 80 Westbound before Exit 28. It has been stated that the NJDEP is responsible for using the money in the host community’s tree plantings programs.   He questioned if the municipality has a say in where the DEP funding for trees can go in the Township. Mr. Bucco stated that the State may give the Township a contribution to the Township’s tree fund and then we would have a say in where the trees would go. Mr. Raths stated that he will check into this. 


Regarding the ATV issue Mr. Petridis questioned if the Township is supporting Assembly Bill No. A-4172.  Mayor Ciaramella stated that the Township sent a letter of support.


Mr. Petridis questioned if Mr. Raths has received Chief Noll’s report.  Mr. Raths advised that the Chief is reviewing the report with his staff and it will be on the next Agenda.


Mr. Andrew Impagliazzo, 92 Pleasant Hill Road, discussed a problem he had recently with the five pail garbage limit.  He does not feel that there should be a limit to the amount of garbage a resident can place at the curb.    Mr. Raths stated that if infrequently a resident goes over five receptacles, it will be picked up.  The Township only places stickers at residences where it is a continual problem.  Mr. Raths further stated that the Sanitation employees felt that the trash was placed too far up the driveway.  Mr. Impagliazzo stated that he does not have a curb where he can put the cans.  Mr. Raths stated that he has spoken with Sanitation and Mr. Impagliazzo and  the issues have been settled.


Mr. Impagliazzo questioned when his road will be repaved.  Mr. Raths will have Mr. Blood contact Mr. Impagliazzo to advise him when his road will be paved. 



New Business:

A.  Letter from Laura Szwak concerning potential open space partnership with the Canal Society of New Jersey

Laura Szwak, Trustee of The Canal Society, introduced Brian Morel, President of the Canal Society.  Mr. Morel gave a brief overview of the property, which is located in the Port Morris section of Roxbury Township and is part of the Morris Canal.  This is part of a proposed greenway across Morris County and across the State.  It has been recognized by the State of New Jersey in the form of considerable Green Acres funding and also by the Morris County Freeholders and the Morris County Park Commission.  It is the head of one of the incline planes of the Morris Canal, Plane No. 1 West. 


Ms. Szwak stated that the property is for sale and the Canal Society has an allocation of green acres monies to cover 50% of the purchase price.  They have applied to the Morris County Trust Fund for the remaining 50% to match and would like the Township to complete the municipal review portion of the application. This lets the County know that the Township is aware that a non-profit organization is purchasing land for open space in the Township.  Ms. Szwak further stated that the Canal Society has no up front money to pay for the due diligence cost that is required  and they are asking the Township to pay for some of the cost up front.  Mr. Hall stated that he supports this project as it is an open space opportunity for an area in the Township that needs it, in addition to the historical aspects. Ms. Szwak stated that the Canal Society is also asking for the Township to accept ownership and management of the property.  Mr. Smith stated that the Open Space Committee supports this project, as does he.


Mr. Bucco advised that there will need to be a contract between the Canal Society and the Township indicating that once the transaction is complete it will be conveyed to the Township and we will have the same issues in terms of title and environmental phase I, wetlands, etc., which must all be addressed prior to the Township accepting Title to the property.


Mr. Smith made a motion to support the project, accept ownership and pay soft costs.  Mr. Hall seconded the motion.


Roll Call:

Mr. Smith – yes       Mr. Hall – yes

Mrs. DeFillippo – yes    Mr. Rilee – yes

Mr. Schmidt – yes       Mayor Ciaramella – yes


Motion carried 6 - 0


Old Business:

Procurement Policy – Mr. Bucco’s office is working on this.


Mr. Schmidt requested an update on the Horseshoe Lake sign.  Mr. Raths stated that it has been received and needs to be installed. Mr. Raths will speak with Mr. Stierli and have the sign installed by the end of the week. 


Mr. Schmidt advised that the weeds are growing extensively along the picnic grove area at Horseshoe Lake.  Mr. Raths will have this area cleaned up.    


Mrs. DeFillippo would like the Main Street Streetscaping brochure updated for Olde Succasunny Day.  Mr. Raths stated it is in the process of being done.


Mrs. DeFillippo reminded everyone of the Neighborhood Meeting which will be held tomorrow night in the Council room at 7:00 PM.


Mr. Rilee advised that the DPW Committee will be meeting next week.


Mr. Hall congratulated the Police Department on the wiffle ball tournament, which raised money for Children with Cancer.


Mr. Hall stated that all Council members received notification  regardi