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March 1, 2008


A Budget/Workshop Meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury was held on March 1, 2008 at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey 07852 at 9:00 a.m.



Notice is hereby given that a Special Meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 9:00 AM at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey.  This meeting is being held for the purpose of discussing the 2008 Budget.


Adequate notice of this meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury was given as required by the Open Public Meetings Act as follows:  Notice was faxed to the Daily Record, the Newark Star Ledger and the Roxbury Register on February 20, 2008; notice was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Municipal Building on February 20, 2008.


ROLL CALL (Present):  Councilman Gary Behrens, Councilwoman Kathy DeFillippo, Councilmen Fred Hall, Martin Schmidt, Jim Rilee and Mayor Tim Smith


ALSO PRESENT:  Christopher Raths, Township Manager; Mike Kobylarz, Director of Engineering/Public Works; Rick Blood, Assistant Director of Public Works and BettyLou DeCroce, Township Clerk




Mr. Rilee made a motion to appoint Mr. Rattay to the Economic Development Committee for the remainder of the unexpired term.  Ms. DeFillippo seconded the motion.


Roll Call:                                 Mr. Rilee – Yes        Ms. DeFillippo – Yes

                                               Mr. Behrens _ Yes   Mr. Hall – Yes

                                               Mr. Schmidt – Yes   Mayor Smith – Yes


Motion Carried 6 to 0


·         Capital Budget Discussion


Fire Department

Dave Ward, Fire Department Second Assistant Chief


Refurbish tanker 302 for Company #3.  At this time there is not an exact amount other then the $200,000 that has been budgeted. Chief Ward believes that amount should cover the cost.


The cab and chassis is in perfect condition to go another 15 years and therefore it would be beneficial to just replace the tank.  Currently the existing tank is leaking.  The purchase of a new fire truck would be around $500,000.


Operating Budget – Third Assistant Chief Craig Begraft


25-260    First Aid – Company #3

Line Item -305 – Education /Training: Training cost has been picked up by the State.

Line Item -306 – Oxygen Refills: Council asked why the oxygen request is so high.  Mr. Ward stated that it depends on the need.  It will be taken out of materials.

Line Item 303- Radio Maintenance/Purchase: Pagers – The funds are there for the new volunteers.


25-267 Fire Company #3

Line Item 302- Equipment Maintenance: Council asked why it was so low.  Mr. Raths stated that it spikes in some years.

Line Item 306 – Buildings & Grounds: Council asked why there is an increase.  Mr. Raths stated that since we have our own custodian he is using more supplies in taking care of the building.


25-267 Fire Company #1

Line Item 104 – Radio Maintenance:  New batteries.

Line Item 102 – Equipment Maintenance:  Council felt that the contract amount seems high.  The amount is based on the size of the compressor.

Line Item 109 – Building Cost:  Ms. Palmieri will look into this and get back to the Council


25-260 First Aid – Company #1 – Capital

Line Item Hurst Extraction Tool - Lighter more efficient piece of equipment


25-260 First Aid Company #2 Operating

Same as last year there is no increase only in oxygen because of the volume of calls.


25-267 – Fire – Company #2

Line Item 203 – Additional Equipment:  Why increased?  The Chief stated that new ladders are needed to be replaced.


Line Item 208 – Payment to Volunteers: Council asked why the Chief’s expense account was more for Company #2 then the other companies. The amount is based on half from the First Aid and Chief.


FIRE COMPANY – Chief Dave Ward was present.


Line item 413 – Pumper Maintenance Inspections:  Ms. Palmieri will look into the current amount that was spent.


Line item 417- SCBA flood test:  Why has it increased?  Equipment being recertified.


Department of Public Works


1.      Engineering

Capital – Move Righter Road resurface from Righter Road to Randolph border to 2009 because of water lines being installed.  Mary Louise will not be resurfaced until Dellamo is completed.


Operating –


Line Item 203 - Rockaway River Coalition and Raritan Highland Agreement Council does not want to fund these.  Mr. Schmidt objected to this as a member of the Environmental Commission. 


Contracted Services - Traffic engineering – local signalization approvals are for improvement of costs for signals that the state no longer is funding.  Mr. Schmidt discussed the timing of Eyland Avenue/Righter Road light as poor timing.  Mr. Raths will look into.


Line Item 222 – Travel - Mr. Raths advised Council that it would be beneficial to the township to broaden the knowledge of our professionals.


Streets & Roads

Line Item 214 - Mr. Blood stated that the new storm water regulations require street sweeping disposal to be handled differently.


Line Item 205 – Tree removal.  Ms. DeFilllippo questioned the reduced request.  Mr. Blood stated that the township removes trees according to priority.  Ms. DeCroce explained to Council that it is important for the township to be proactive rather then reactive.  Ms. DeCroce pointed to the incident in Mt. Lakes when an old branch that was hanging and not removed killed a visitor on the walking path.  Mr. Blood will look into aerial work of removal of trees with the fire department. 


26-290    Snow & Ice

Salt cost has increased.  It is being recommended about a $100,000 increase in this budget.  Mr. Raths will sit down and go over with Mr. Blood. 


26-300 Public Works

No Changes

26-307 Sanitation & Recycling

There is an increase tax on recycling from the state on tipping fees.  The change will be $35,400.00.  We will save 20% because it becomes effective in April.


Line Item 271 – Compost Disposal – Mayor Smith questioned why we do not keep it for use by the public in the spring.  There was an analysis done in the past that proved to be too costly for the township.  There was a discussion as to how to dispose of compost.  Council felt that the public should be made aware as to the cost of disposal and possibly dispose of it privately.


Amend the order of business to discuss Horseshoe Lake Veterans Memorial Park:


Mr. Schmidt stated that he has been working on Veteran Park for the last several years.  The previous work was completed with donated materials by different companies and installed by others.  The Hercules Memorial will be moved closer to the war memorial to allow it to be tied together so you can walk from one memorial to the other.  Mr. Rilee stated that one of the companies that has agreed to donate to the memorial, Mountain Landscape, is before the Zoning Board with an application and this concerns him.  Mr. Rilee said that Mountain Landscape allegedly made inappropriate statements at the Zoning Board meeting.  Mrs. DeCroce stated for the record that was not accurate and the circumstances surrounding the statements were never discussed.  Council agreed that the application process must be completed prior to any work being donated.


Mr. Rilee left the meeting at this time.


Council returned to the regular agenda


 Roads – Sidewalk extensions:  Mr. Raths brought this up for discussion.  In particular Carey Road.  The idea would be to take the four wards and as developers come in and feel sidewalks are not needed then funding would be utilized for areas that are needed. 


Mr. Raths stated that he would have an ordinance change to allow this in the future.  Mr. Schmidt stated that he would like to see the ordinance defined in detail as to the responsibility of the homeowner with regard to the trees and sidewalks.


Capital – Road Department

Purchases as outlined were not changed. 




Mr. Hall stated that a Shared Services meeting would be held with regard to Phase I of the Recreation Plan with the Board of Education.


Mr. Hall commented on the concert held at the high school to help raise money to send students out of state for competition.


Mr. Hall has concerns with the new COAH Regulations and the third round obligations.


Ms. DeFillippo asked Mr. Raths to please keep COAH, DEP and the Highlands regulation as important issues and keep Council up to date.


Ms. DeFillippo discussed the Main Street Streetscape meeting.  We need to update the order form and where to send the check.  Ms. DeFilllippo would like a bigger effort made to the public about the project.  Please also advise when the PD will be meeting with the DOT on 206


Mayor Smith discussed in general the water department issues.


Mayor Smith stated that the Economic Development Committee meeting was held the other night.  The Economic Development Committee would like to participate in the township ordinance process so they can offer input.


Mr. Smith advised that there is an opening on the Economic Development Committee and he would like to re-appoint Tom Rattay.




Mr. Raths stated that the Cable property on Rt. #46 and Dell Avenue in Kenvil is vacant and Wawu has expressed an interest in possibly locating on that site.  The 24-hour operating ordinance does cause a problem with operations.  This is a discussion that the township needs to address in the future.








ORDINANCES TO BE INTRODUCED                                                









February 29, 2008 - Hold for next meeting





Mr. Hall made a motion to adjourn the budget meeting at 12:15 PM.  Mr. Schmidt seconded the motion.


Roll Call:  All In Favor – Yes


Motion Carried 6 to 0


Submitted By:





BettyLou DeCroce

Township Clerk


DATE:                         March 25, 2008

ROLL CALL:              Mr. Schmidt – yes       Mr. Rilee – yes

                                    Mr. Behrens – yes       Mrs. DeFillippo – yes

                                    Mr. Hall – yes              Mr. Zoschak – recuse

                                    Mayor Smith -yes