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January 29, 2008


A Budget/Workshop Meeting was held by the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury on January 29, 2008 at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey                                                                    



        Notice is hereby given that A Special Meeting of the Township Council of the     

        Township of Roxbury will be held on Tuesday, January 29, 2008 at 7:30

        PM at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey.  This meeting is being held

        for the purpose of discussing the 2008 Municipal Budget and any end of year



        Adequate notice of this meeting of the Township Council of the Township of

        Roxbury was given as required by the Open Public Meetings Act as follows:     

        Notice was faxed to the Daily Record, the Newark Star Ledger and the

        Roxbury Register on December 3, 2007; notice was posted on the bulletin  

        board in the main hallway of the Municipal Building on December 3, 2007.


ROLL CALL:  (Present) Councilman Gary Behrens, Deputy Mayor Kathy DeFillippo, Councilman Fred Hall, Jim Rilee, and Mayor Tim Smith


ALSO PRESENT:  Christopher Raths, Township Manager; Lisa Palmieri, Chief Financial Officer and BettyLou DeCroce, Township Clerk


ABSENT:       Councilman Martin Schmidt – Mr. Schmidt is sick.

Councilman Richard Zoschak – Mr. Zoschak is away. 


Mayor Smith amended the order of business so that Resolution 08-57 could be heard for approval.




A Resolution of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury, Fixing the Rate of Interest To Be Charged on Delinquent Taxes or Assessment


Mr. Rilee made a motion to adopt Resolution 08-57 for approval.  Mr. Behrens seconded the motion. 


Roll Call:         Mr. Rilee – Yes                        Mr. Behrens – Yes

                        Ms. DeFillippo – Yes               Mr. Hall – Yes

                        Mayor Smith – Yes


Motion Carried 5 to 0




·         Capital Budget Discussion

1.      Police –


Chief Mark Noll and Lt. Jim Simonetti attended the budget meeting for the Police Department.  Discussion ensued pertaining to the purchase of a new generator.  The generator being proposed would be able to backup the entire building when an electric outage takes place.  The generator will be diesel powered at a cost of $106,000.00.  Council had several questions pertaining to the purchase and agreed that it is a necessary project.


Discussion took place with regard to the purchase of vehicles for the 2008 budget.  The breakdowns of the vehicles are as follows: Four – 2008 Crown Victoria, 2008 Durango/Similar, and 2008 Ford 150.  Lt. Simonetti will look into the other vehicles that Council discussed but there was consensus for the vehicles requested and any final decision will be by the Police Department and the Manager.


Operating Budget – Police


25-240 Police Department – OK – No Changes

25-241 Police Staff – OK – No Changes

25-242 Traffic Control – OK – No Changes

25-250 Dispatch – OK – No Changes


Discussion took place with regard to training at the Police & Fire Academy and the list that is created for new officers.


2.      Recreation


Dave Stierli, Recreation Director was present to discuss the Capital and Operating Budgets. 


Operating Budget


26-310 Buildings & Grounds


Mayor Smith stated that there are a lot of line items in this budget that were overspent.  Mr. Stierli stated that there was an increase of approximately 15% in material and supplies and that was because the individual that is working in the position is now full time.  The Township is now providing all services.


Mr. Stierli stated that the cost of running all the programs are fee based and therefore a wash to the township.


Park Maintenance


Mr. Raths stated that Park Maintenance went down in cost.  Some of it is offset using some of the recreation fees with regard to detention basins.  


Mr. Behrens questioned the use of the SLAP Program.  Mr. Raths stated that the township does utilize the program as much as possible.  Mr. Raths will ask Ms. Ward, Recycling Coordinator to evaluate the amount of money the township has saved during the year for utilizing the SLAP Program.


Mr. Raths stated that the Recreation Trust Account would not be discussed tonight because he does not have all of the information available at this time.




Computer Room – Mr. Stierli stated that it was decided there was a need to install an independent air system for ventilation in the township’s computer office.  The office is located at 1715 Rt. #46, Ledgewood in the IT Director’s area.


Senior Center - Mr. Stierli looked to renovate the Health Clinic/Nutrition Center so that more space would become available and not interfere with senior programs.  Mr. Stierli discussed the possibility of a portable room divider.  Mr. Rilee stated that the Board of Education needs to verify their intention to use the Berkshire Valley building prior to the Township appropriating funds for the changes in the Community Center.  Council agreed to obtain the schools intentions.


Mr. Stierli is looking for improvements at the Community Center to move the health clinic to the lunchroom area.  Mr. Rilee would like to see the needs assessment prior to making a decision.  Council again stated that they want to wait and to see what the Board of Education’s intentions are with regard to the Nutrition Center.


Mr. Raths stated that he feels we should still look into a room divider for the Senior Center anyway.  We will decide once we know what the school will be doing in Berkshire Valley.


Mr. Stierli wanted to replace the sign in front of the Town Hall at 1715 Rt. #46 and a new light pole for the benefit of the public.  This sign would include a message sign.  Mr. Smith felt that we could wait on this project.  Mrs. DeCroce stated that it is a problem with the public identifying the building.  There are complaints filed all the time.  Mr. Kluska was present and stated he supported a new sign because it is hard to see.  Council will take a look at it.


Mr. Stierli stated that there are repairs needed on the back of the building located at 72 Eyland Avenue.  The area in need of repair is where the Teen Center and the potential Art Cultural Center is planned.  Mr. Raths stated that the front also needs repairs.  Mr. Smith felt that the back of the building does need repairs to the stucco and thought it was necessary to repair it soon.  Mr. Raths stated that the cost could be reduced to $6,500.  Mr. Stierli also stated that there are repairs by Social Services as well.


Mr. Raths discussed the roof repair on 1715 Rt. #46, Town Hall.  The amount of $65,000 was put in for repairs.  There was an infrared look at the roof and it needs to be replaced which would cost over $200,000. 


Mr. Raths handed out the December 11, 2007 “Roxbury Recreation Stewardship” The Phase 1 Project would include Landing Road, Field installation of Lights, Lyons Farms Environmental Education Center/Community Garden, Dell Avenue Improvement excluding fill/grading.  The cost would be roughly $800,000. Mr. Raths stated that the increase of fees of $80,000.would pay the cost of the bonding of the Phase 1 Project which would allow the projects to take place in 2009.  The Council noted that the Gottdiener Bonding would be coming off line in 2012 and then they would reissue that debt for Capital purposes.  Further discussion took place with regard to the Open Space Fund being utilized for Recreational purposes.


Mr. Stierli reminded Council that the Recreation organizations will be raising independent funds through donations and they will give those funds to the township to offset costs of capital improvements.  This could be utilized through fee charges to the organizations in lieu of a donation.


Mr. Raths will work on this with the Board of Education and keep Council up to date on the negotiations of shared services.


Discussion took place with regard to the Landing Road Park and the damages that occurred there.  Mr. Stierli stated that he would submit additional paper work to Mrs. DeCroce outlining the damages to the park and the cost of the repairs.  There is funding in place for the installation of cameras at the Parks for the PD to review.


3.      Clerk


BettyLou DeCroce, Township Clerk discussed with Council the Operating Budget for 2008 for the Clerk’s Office.  Ms. DeCroce discussed the proposal submitted by The Tab Group from Andover Township, New Jersey with regard to the files in the rear of the Community Center at 72 Eyland Avenue.  The files would be organized, purged, scheduled and placed in archival storage.  The following quote was provided:


Preparation of Boxes for move:


                        Cost of 150 boxes for materials on floor

                        1.2 cubic foot box                   $2.60 each =    $390.00

                        3.0 cubic foot box

                        (Engineering Drawings) about 25 boxes=      $131.25


                        2 men $19.00 each X 5 days (80 hrs.)

                        Returning to our facility with Vans full

                        Of boxes every day=                                       $3,040.00


                        Initial label, index and store boxes on

                        Shelves (estimate 700 boxes) a one

                        Time charge for new boxes=                         $1,645.00


                        Estimated Cost for Move                               $5,206.25


                        Total yearly cost for estimated storage

                        1,500 cubic feet                                             $3,825.00


                        Or $2.55/ cu.ft. – Based on actual

                        Amount after purging. 


Note:  TAB is not going to charge the Township for any pickup or delivery costs for any part of this phase of the project.


Ms. DeCroce advised that the yearly cost would be based on the township’s need for outside storage rage.  The cost of the next closest competitor was $28,0000.00


Council felt that the cost was reasonable but would rather have the complete needs assessment

Done before approval is given.  Ms. DeCroce stressed the need to contract this work out

and store the files properly. The current storage condition is not good and the SMART

report conducted by the County of Morris stated that there was an emergent need to get the

documents out of the current facility they are in.


Mr. Raths is working on the final needs assessment report and will submit that to Council in the

near future.


Ms. DeCroce discussed a need for a part-time seasonal person as used last summer.  The

Individual from last year is available but only during February, March and possibly April.  The

purpose of using the same individual is she knows where she left off with the files and would be

able to continue without training.  Council agreed to allow the clerk to move forward with this



Mr. Raths questioned if we could increase the size of the ordinance books to 8 ½ by 11. 

Mrs. DeCroce will look into the cost because new books will need to be purchased.






Mr. Kluska

Emmans Road



Mr. Kluska asked where the unexpended monies go.  Mayor Smith stated into the fund balance.  Mr. Kluska asked about line item Police 25-240 – which shows a $6,000 balance.  Mr. Raths stated that it is transferred out and utilized in the fund balance to offset any other line items in the budget that are overspent.


Mr. Kluska noted that the $80,000 for recreation would be nice if we get it.  If we do not get it, will the taxpayers have to pickup the cost?  Mr. Raths stated that we increased the fees in recreation, which will cover the cost.  Mr. Raths also stated that the $80,000 is a conservative number and he feels there will be enough collected to cover the cost.





ORDINANCES TO BE INTRODUCED                                               














   January 25, 2008


Mr. Rilee made a motion to file the communications of January 25th.  Mr. Hall seconded the motion.


Roll Call:  All In Favor – Yes


Motion Carried 5 to 0








At 10:20 PM Mr. Rilee made a motion to adjourn the Budget/Workshop Meeting.  Mr. Behrens seconded the motion.


Roll Call:  All In Favor – Yes










BettyLou DeCroce

Township Clerk


DATE:                         April 8, 2008

ROLL CALL:              Mr. Zoschak – recuse             Mr. Schmidt – recuse

                                    Mr. Behrens – yes                   Mrs. DeFillippo – yes

                                    Mr. Hall – yes                          Mayor Smith - yes