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NOTICE is hereby given by the Board of Adjustment of the Township of Roxbury that a regular meeting of the Board of Adjustment will be held on July 14, 2008 at 7:00 p.m. at 1715 Rt. 46, Ledgewood, NJ and the following action may or may not be taken:


Minutes of 6/9/08 to be approved




ZBA-08-15- Jim & Maria Baccaro – variance for impervious coverage to add pool and patio on property located on Judy Rd, Block 1503, Lot 34 in R-3 zone.


ZBA-08-19 - Marc & Janet Baskinger – variance for pool, apron and fence on property located on Fox Chase Lane, Block 9202, Lot 4.08 in R 2.5 zone.


ZBA-08-18- Michael Flynn – application for garage located on Culver Rd. Block 11411, Lot 2 in R-3 zone.


ZBA-08-20- Ken Jacobsen – variance for additional garage located on Emmans Rd. Block 5503, lot 3 in R-1 zone.




ZBA-07-33 - Mountain Landscaping – use and site plan for property located at Landing Rd., Block 9601, Lot 5 in LI/OR zone.  Applicant has requested to be carried to the September 15th agenda.


ZBA-08-10-Markovski Landscaping – use variance for landscaping, residential located on Rt. 46, Block 2702, Lot 2 in the B-2 zone.  Applicant has requested to be withdrawn without prejudice.


ZBA-08-16 - Mario Toledo – variance for in-ground pool in front yard located on Sunset Ter. Block 2103, Lot 1 in R-4 zone. Carried from June 9.


ZBA-08-21- Roland Kascher – variance for extension of an existing deck located on Kingsland Rd., Block 11002, Lot 37 in the R-3 zone. 






Dorrie Fox, Board Secretary