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NOTICE is hereby given by the Board of Adjustment of the Township of Roxbury that a regular meeting of the Board of Adjustment will be held on September 14, 2009 at 7:00 p.m. at 1715 Rt. 46, Ledgewood, NJ and the following action may or may not be taken:


Minutes of 08/10/09 to be approved.



ZBA-09-00018 David & Michelle Stein Bulk Variance addition and replacement of garage for property located at 3 West Maple Avenue, Succasunna, Block 3801, Lot 63 in a R-4 zone.


ZBA-09-00019  Francis Petrucelli  Bulk Variance  addition of  a covered porch for property located at 152 Kings Highway, Block 10005, Lot 7 in a R-3 zone.


ZBA-09-00020 George Markou Bulk Variance driveway was extended for property located at 208 Mt. Arlington Boulevard, Landing Block 11404, Lot 9 in a R-3 zone.


ZBA-09-00009 Kingtown Diesel Final Site Plan for property located at 1470 US Highway 46, Block 9302, Lot 3 in a B-2 zone.



ZBA-09-000022 David Rauh Bulk Variance for replacement of a garage door with a window for property located at 24 Kingsland Road, Landing, Block 11002, Lot 5 in a R-3 zone.


ZBA-09-00021 Glenn Bott  "D" Use Variance / "C" Bulk Variance for demolition of a two family structure and reconstruction of a single family dwelling for property located at 284 North Frontage Road, Ledgewood Block 9601, Lot 7 in a LI / OR zone.


ZBA-09-00012 WDIFTK, LLC  ?D? Variance / Minor Sub Division for property located at Hillside Avenue, Succasunna, Block 5203 Lot 46, in a R-3 zone.


ZBA-09-00004 George Mohr Use and Preliminary Site Plan for property located at 282 Old Ledgewood Road, Ledgewood, Block 9303, Lot 5 in a B-1/A zone.


ZBA-09-00025 Kingtown Diesel Amended Preliminary & Final Site Plan with a D Variance for modifying a use permitted by "D" variance for property located at 1470 US Highway 46, Block 9302, Lot 3 in a B-2 zone.





Dolores Tardive, Board Secretary

September 8, 2009