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February 1, 2005


The Township of Roxbury held a Budget/Workshop Meeting on February 1, 2005 at 1715 Route 46, Ledgewood, New Jersey at 7:30 p.m.



Adequate notice of this meeting of the Township Council of the Township of Roxbury was given as required by the Open Public Meetings act as follows:  Notice was faxed to the Daily Record, the Newark Star Ledger and the Roxbury Register on January 5, 2005; notice was posted on the bulletin board in the main hallway of the Municipal Building on January 5, 2005.


ROLL CALL: (Present) Councilmen John Ciaramella, Fred Hall, Tim Smith and Deputy Mayor Martin Schmidt


Mayor Richard Zoschak was absent due to vacation.

Ms. Urgo was absent due to a death in the family.

Mr. Rilee was absent due to business.


ALSO PRESENT: Christopher Raths, Township Manager; Anthony Bucco, Township Attorney; and BettyLou DeCroce, Township Clerk




Capital Budget Discussion

q       Sanitation, Equipment & Repairs, Water and Sewer

q       Parks, Recreation, Building & Grounds


Mr. Raths, Township Manager; Lisa Palmieri, Chief Financial Officer gave an overview of the capital budget.


Discussion took place pertaining to the Police Department capital budget.  Mr. Raths advised Council that the receiver for the UHF Radio System in Lower Berkshire Valley would cost $16,582.  Mr. Raths stated that it is necessary because there is a black out area currently in dispatching.  The other item discussed was the evidence and property management system.  Mr. Raths stated that this was necessary because the Prosecutor’s office is on a different bar system and therefore it is difficult to communicate when we send a case from the Township to the County.


Mr. Raths and Ms. Palmieri then did an overview on the debt service schedule.  Mr. Smith had several questions pertaining to safety issues.  Mr. Smith questioned whether the current equipment is compliant with PEOSHA requirements and was advised that only newly purchased trucks are required to have closed cabs.  Mr. Smith continued to question if we purchase a truck at mid-year would it be a lesser amount that we would need to budget.  Ms. Palmieri stated that by the time the RFP is prepared and has gone out to bid and awarded by resolution of the Council, the actual truck would not be delivered until probably the last quarter of next year.  In this case we would not bond that amount until the item was received.


Mr. Raths then went over the Township debt service schedule including a purchase of one fire truck with a useful life of 10 years and an assumed rate of 3.5%. The total principal would be $450,000 with interest of $244,125.00 totaling $694,125.00.


Discussion ensued pertaining to the debt service.  Several Councilmembers questioned, on the debt comparison sheet, why in 2001 the percentage was 1.09%.  Ms. Palmieri stated that she would get back to Council on how the percentage came out to the 1.09%. 


Mr. Raths reviewed with Council the analysis of General Capital Debit Service if we assume $1,100,00.00 new debt per year.  Mr. Raths stated that he felt the Township would be short in several years and then would have to make it up, which would be a greater amount to bond and cost the taxpayers a larger amount at the time.  Mr. Raths felt that the Township, based on all schedules, would be better served if the debt service were increased from $1,100,000.00. to $1,500,000.00.  This would allow the Township to maintain its vehicle and equipment schedule.


If the fire truck is funded that would be an additional $450,000.00.


Council discussed the Capital Budget – DPW


Discussion took place on equipment repair and the possibility to outsource some of the repairs and also discussed the possibility that if the Board of Education and George Fenske, who is in charge of buses, vehicles etc., have an interest in shared services facility at the Pine Street location.  Mr. Raths will contact the Board of Education to see if there is interest.


Mr. Raths stated that it was necessary to purchase a sanitation/recycling 25 CY packer $171,810.00.




Mr. Raths stated that the funding for I & I is ongoing to televise the sewer line.


Mr. Smith stated that he would like to see a comparison on most of the line items in this budget. Mr. Raths stated that he would provide that information to Mr. Smith.


Discussion took place pertaining to grinder pumps, which were installed in homes in the Landing area when they were connected to sewers.  Council discussed the funding for the line item replacing pumps.  Council agreed that the current practice to service and replace the grinder pumps at an expense to the Township needs to be addressed at a later date.




Council discussed the productivity of the electronic reader that has been installed.  Mr. Blood, Assistant DPW Director, stated that an example is Poet’s Peak. Prior to the electronic readers it would take an individual 5 hours and now it takes 40 minutes.


Discussion took place with regard to the line items in the water utility.


Council questioned if the test well in the Arlington Avenue area is being done.  Mr. Raths stated that those tests were completed.


Council advised Mr. Raths that they would like to see updated calculations from Mr. Grau regarding drilling for the Pine Street and Mt. Arlington Road wells.


Council questioned Mr. Raths pertaining to the communication package, in particular item #28.

“Roxbury Township 2005 Pavement Survey from the Department of Engineering/Public Works”.  It was discussed if all the items that are referred to for pavement, is it possible to complete all the projects in 2005.  Mr. Blood, Assistant DPW Director, was present and stated depending on the weather, yes they could complete the projected pavement of roads this year.




Mr. Raths advised Council that it is a necessity to replace the wooden lattice at the entrance of this building. (1715 Rt.#46)  Council agreed that it is in need of replacement for safety reasons as well as esthetic reasons. 


Discussion took place on the replacement of the A/C in the Courtroom at a cost of $5,000.00 Mr. Raths stated that it is a necessity to replace this equipment. 


Council questioned the need for the replacing the carpeting in the Police Department at a cost of  $8,550.  Mr. Raths stated that it needs to be replaced due to the high traffic use in the PD.


Discussion took place pertaining to the Horseshoe Lake entrance reconstruction.  Council agrees that this is a necessity, since a large investment has been spent on the fields, walkways, etc.  Council felt that $50,000 should be sufficient to complete that project.  Further discussion took place as to the current condition of the parking area in front of the building closest to Eyland Avenue.  Mr. Raths will meet with Mr. Stierli, Recreation Director and Mr. Blood, Assistant DPW Director to evaluate and get back to Council on a plan.


Mr. Raths stated that he has provided in the budget $7,125.00 to remove the existing boiler, which is not being utilized at the 1715 Rt. #46 building.  This area will then become an additional storage/file room.  Council agreed that providing additional storage for files is needed.




Council questioned the $50,000 for the Berkshire Valley Park.  Ms. Palmieri stated that the funding for the $50,000 is through CDBG.


Purchase of Field Conditioner for the Athletic Fields was discussed.  Council did agree that it was needed and necessary.


Mr. Raths stated that a cost of $5,000 was requested for the miniature railroad at Horseshoe Lake.  Council discussed this in detail and would like to see if they could reach out to organizations that would be willing to help re-build and fund this project so it could be completed.


The Dell Avenue Park improvements were discussed. The amount  requested is $25,000 and the Manager was recommending $23,750.00.  Council cautioned the Manager that they do not want any projects coming in over the budgeted cost.


Council discussed the mineshaft demolition at Ledgewood Park.   Council agreed it would need to be taken care of this year and should remain in the budget as recommended by the Manager.


Discussion ensued regarding Mooney Mountain Park improvements and drainage for a basketball court.  Council agreed to this project.  Mr. Smith stated that he also would like Council to consider additional improvements at the Perfetti Park in Port Morris.  Council agreed that it is in need of additional attention. 


Kiwanis Park was discussed in detail.  Council would like to see this pushed off until next year and in the meantime work with the Baseball Association.  Council also would like Mr. Raths to look into the septic problem at the park.  Council was with the understanding that the Little League was going to invest money into the fields this year to enhance the area.  Mr. Raths will have Mr. Stierli discuss this with the Little League as well as safety fencing.






Mr. Kluska

Emmans Road


Mr. Kluska advised Council that the Roxbury Senior Club President is Gloria Skarzinski.


Mr. Kluska questioned the Council if there is a balance in the senior budget can a defibrillator be purchased.  Mr. Raths stated that he would have Ms. Palmieri prepare a memo of unspent available funds.


Mr. Raths went over what departments will be scheduled for the next budget meeting.  The following departments will be present: Information & Technology; Fire Departments 1,2,3 and Library.





ORDINANCES TO BE INTRODUCED                                               













January 28, 2005


Item #28 was previously discussed in the meeting.







AT 10:55 PM Mr. Ciaramella made a motion to adjourn the budget meeting.  Mr. Smith seconded the motion.


Roll Call:  All IN Favor – Yes


Motion Carried 4 to 0


Submitted By:







BettyLou DeCroce

Township Clerk



DATE:             March 29, 2005

ROLL CALL:  Mr. Hall – yes           Mr. Schmidt – yes

                          Mr. Ciaramella – yes          Mr. Rilee – abstain

                         Mr. Smith – yes        Ms. Urgo – abstain

                         Mayor Zoschak - abstain